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Evolutionary and Revolutionary Change

C3 is a Business Consultancy. We specialize in small to mid-sized companies where business has decreased, or the organization is poised for immanent growth. We help you to increase business productivity to regain powerful results and / or to scale for growth.

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About C3

C3 Consulting recognizes that most businesses are in motion with sensibilities in Sales, Marketing, People Management, and Strategy & Operations. We focus on creating a relationship with you to enhance those sensibilities to ensure they’re optimized.

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What We Do

We help you maximize the productivity of your business, by focusing on how you profile, train, develop, and lead. We influence both Revolutionary (more dramatic), and Evolutionary (more subtle) change in how you plan, implement, and operationalize systems and processes

Sales and Marketing

We focus on helping to create sales process- the “blueprint” that identifies a logical sequence…

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People Management

Shaping the team is a critical aspect of your business and ultimate success.

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Cross Functional Collaboration

We will ensure you are maximizing Operations coordination.

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Strategic Planning

We help to create and implement sales strategies that will unite your organization ...

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Why Us



  • Chris was referred to me by a mutual colleague, and I can't begin to tell you how satisfied I am with the connection that's been made.

  • Chris is not only a knowledgeable source for valuable information, he continues to elevate his consulting expertise in ways that are unique and informative.

  • It's truly a pleasure to work with and get to know Chris on a business and personal level. When it comes to communication Chris bleeds professionalism!

  • Chris's presence is infectious with encouragement and support. If you're an individual running a small business, a leader of a larger team, or a CEO or COO of a company and are seeking and extraordinary business coach, you ought to tap into the knowledge of Chris Christopherson.

  • Speaking from experience, I can honestly say, you'll be happy you chose Chris!

  • Within one week with Chris, I had learned so much more about my job than I thought was possible.

  • Chris was critical in switching my mentality and �upping my game.�

  • Chris has a number of qualities that you just can�t find out there very often.

  • Chris has a way of getting right to the root of the issue without wasting any time. I appreciate that.

  • Chris moves quickly and methodically. The fruits of his work can be seen in our company on a daily basis. We have adopted many of his mentalities.

  • If Chris recommended read a book, we set up a weekly book read with all of our managers. If Chris recommended a new format for meetings, we adopted and improved on it every week. We don�t just take Chris�s suggestions, we live them.

  • The bottom line is that if you need to get your company out of 1st gear and on to the serious playing field, Chris will show you the way.

  • Chris aims to change your thinking so that you can make the right moves as your mentality, behavior, and results change.

  • it was critical for me personally to have Chris there at the wheel with me.

  • I literally could not have done it without Chris.

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